The 11 most beautiful towns in Ciudad Real

Would you dare to answer the question of what are the most beautiful villages in Ciudad Real? One of the great and unknown provinces of Castilla-La Mancha.

History is the flag of Castilian towns, and many of the locations that we will see below are beautiful for their history, universal heritage, unique festivals in all of Spain, their traditional exquisite gastronomy, and their villages of great beauty.

Today we will discover the province of Ciudad Real in La Mancha from the point of view of its towns and some of its most interesting places like Cabañeros National Park and the Tablas de Daimiel. Will you join us on this route through the most beautiful villages in this province of Castilla-La Mancha?

The most beautiful villages in Ciudad Real, discover which are the best villages in Ciudad Real to visit on your vacation:

Campo de Criptana

Campo de Criptana villages of ciudad real
One of the charming villages in Ciudad Real is Campo de Cripiana located in the north of the province of Ciudad Real. This locality belongs to the famous region of La Mancha, whose identity sign are the beautiful windmills, known worldwide as the ones that Don Quixote fought against.

Other places of interest worth visiting in Campo de Cripiana are the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption or the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites.

Puerto Lápice

Puerto Lápice charming villages near ciudad real
Puerto Lápice is better known as a passageway for traders between Andalusia and Madrid. **Its roots take us back to the 18th century, a time when some of the beautiful whitewashed houses that we can see today were built; this architectural style is the distinctive signature of La Mancha.

We must not forget to visit the traditional windmills that seem to have been taken from Cervantes’ novel. All these charming corners, along with the main square, which was built as a comedy corral, make this place a must-visit town in Ciudad Real.


Daimiel villages ciudad real
One of those villages in Ciudad Real to visit if you have the opportunity is Daimiel, one of the most beautiful places in the region of La Mancha, next to the beautiful Tablas de Daimiel National Park, internationally declared a Biosphere Reserve.

Among other places and works that are part of the historical heritage of this town, we highlight the Church of Santa María la Mayor, the Ermita de San Roque, the Church of San Pedro Apóstol, the Ermita de San Isidro or the Venta de Boroyo.

San Carlos del Valle

**In San Carlos del Valle we will find one of the most striking churches in the entire region**: the church of the Most Holy Christ of the Valley. This building dates from 1729 and was designed to exhibit the power of the Spanish Crown. Thanks to this place of pilgrimage, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, this village of 1000 inhabitants is considered a kind of Manchegan Vatican. Other monuments of San Carlos del Valle, such as its main square and the Hospedería House, have been declared a Historical Ensemble.

Villanueva de los Infantes

Villanueva de los Infantes what to see in ciudad real province
Do you still not know Villanueva de los Infantes? This charming village is located in the region of Campo de Montiel, very close to the Jabalón river. This Manchegan village has a great historical legacy, with various works worth visiting such as the Church of San Andrés Apóstol, the Church of the Trinity, the Chapel of Remedy or the Convent of Santo Domingo among many others.

Viso del Marqués

We’ve already talked about famous literary scenes, so now let’s talk about a spot more related to cinema. The palace of the Marquis of Santa Cruz, officially declared a historical monument 80 years ago, was **one of the settings where they filmed the movie _Alatriste_**, based on the Spanish novels _The Adventures of Captain Alatriste_. The palace, which currently houses the navy’s archive, is an important landmark of the Italian Renaissance. Likewise, in Viso del Marqués, we can also visit the hermitage of the Virgin of Sorrows or the church of Our Lady of the Assumption.


manzanares the most beautiful villages of ciudad real
What to see in the province of Ciudad Real? One of the villages you can’t miss is the beautiful town of Manzanares in Ciudad Real.

In Manzanares, you can visit some very interesting museums, such as the Museum of Manchego Cheese. This Manchego municipality is surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra de Siles.


Almagro towns of Ciudad Real to visit
Our journey through the towns of Ciudad Real with the most charm ends in the beautiful town of Almargo, very close to the capital of Ciudad Real, in the region of Campo de Calatrava.

In the surroundings of this town, we can find the beautiful natural environment of the Cuetos and Pellejero streams, as well as the area known as Cerro de la Yezoa, a significant volcanic zone.

Other places of interest in this town are the main square, where the Corral de Comedias is located, a theatrical square preserved since the 17th century, the Church of the Mother of God, the Convent of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Augustinians, the Church of San Blas, the Hospital of San Juan de Dios, the Palace of the Marquises of Torremejía, the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena, the Palace of the Counts of Valdeparaíso, the Palace of the Oviedo, the Palace of the Medrano, the Palace of the Fúcares or the Palace of the Villarreal-Robles or the Marquis of Las Hormazas…


Valdepeñas Ciudad Real
Valdepeñas, located in the province of Ciudad Real in Spain, is famous for its rich winemaking tradition. The city offers tours of local wineries, wine tastings, and hosts the Wine Museum where visitors can learn about the history of winemaking in the region. The Plaza de España, the Church of the Assumption, and other historical sites add architectural charm to this town.

In addition to its wine heritage, Valdepeñas also offers a rich cultural experience. The Municipal Museum provides information on local history and culture, while Cervantes Park offers an oasis of tranquility. Local festivals such as the August Fair and the Grape Harvest Festival provide a unique insight into regional traditions.

Finally, a visit to Valdepeñas would not be complete without enjoying local cuisine. Traditional dishes like Manchego pisto and gachas are must-tries. With a blend of culture, history, gastronomy, and wine, Valdepeñas represents an authentic and appealing part of the Castilla-La Mancha region in Spain, ideal for those seeking a less touristy experience.

Alcázar de San Juan

Alcázar de San Juan enchanting towns Ciudad Real
Alcázar de San Juan, in the province of Ciudad Real, is famous for its traditional windmills, which are an iconic representation of La Mancha. Additionally, the town hosts significant historical monuments such as the Church of Santa María la Mayor and the Palace of the Grand Prior. The Plaza de España is the heart of local life and offers a charming setting for strolling and enjoying the architecture.

The Alcázar de San Juan lagoon complex provides opportunities for bird-watching and enjoying nature, while the Municipal Museum invites visitors to explore local history and culture through various exhibits. These natural and cultural elements enrich the experience of visiting the town.

Gastronomy in Alcázar de San Juan also plays a vital role in the visitor experience, with traditional Manchego dishes reflecting the rich culture of the region. Altogether, Alcázar de San Juan offers an attractive blend of history, nature, art, and gastronomy, making it a must-visit in the province of Ciudad Real.


Almaden towns Ciudad Real
Almadén, located in the province of Ciudad Real, is famous for its mercury mines, which date back to Roman times and have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guided tours of the mines offer a unique insight into the history and mining technology of the region. In addition, the Mercury Museum and the Almadén Mining Park provide educational opportunities about local geology and mining.

The town also stands out for its architectural heritage, with the Almadén Bullring, built in the 18th century with an unusual hexagonal shape, and the tranquil Church of San Sebastián. The surrounding natural landscapes offer wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, making Almadén an attractive destination for nature lovers.

The rich local gastronomy complements the experience of visiting Almadén, with regional dishes reflecting the culture and traditions of Castilla-La Mancha. Altogether, Almadén offers a mix of history, culture, nature, and gastronomy that makes it a hidden gem and an authentic and enriching destination in the province of Ciudad Real.

Other towns in this beautiful region of Spain that are also worth visiting include Rudiera, Tomelloso, or Argamasilla de Alba.

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