The most beautiful villages in Toledo en 2024

Are you planning to visit the beautiful city of Toledo and all that this lovely Spanish province has to offer? Every year, thousands of tourists enjoy everything that Toledo Capital has to offer but miss out on the wonderful villages that make up this region of Spain.

Visiting Toledo can become a great adventure, far beyond enjoying its majestic Alcazar, a tour of the Toledan region will take you through dozens of charming Toledan villages, perfect for a rural weekend getaway with the family or enjoying the excellent gastronomy of the area.

Ready to discover the best near the Spanish peninsular center and some of the most beautiful villages in Spain? I want you to know these beautiful villages near Toledo.

Toledo villages with charm that deserve a must-see, the best villages to discover in the province of Toledo:

El Real de San Vicente

El Real de San Vicente Toledo villages

The first must-see stop when visiting the villages of Toledo is El Real de San Vicente, located in the beautiful Sierra de San Vicente. This Toledan population is one of those treasures worth visiting, a picturesque village of about a thousand inhabitants where the rural environment reigns, offering its visitors extreme peace and tranquility.

The Toledan village of Real de San Vicente Toledo La has a relevant historical heritage, which includes such characteristic works as the Baroque-style Santa Catalina Church, the Hermitage of San Nicasio, the nearby Tejea Mills, or the Veneruelos Fountain.


the most beautiful charming village in Toledo

This place of archaeological importance is located 50 kilometers from Toledo. It is an area of archaeological importance as it houses a Roman-era Archaeological Park.

It is one of the best parks and was discovered not so long ago, in 1983. It showcases a small village that was supposedly settled there and some remains of Roman constructions that hide legends and history behind them. The entrance fee is only €5 and can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday until 2.30 pm. In the center of Carranque you can also visit the small but intimate Hermitage of San Dimas, a 19th-century building that presides over the village.


Escalona pueblos de toledo con encanto

If you like history, you will love visiting Escalona (Escalona del Alberche), this town in Toledo has a great cultural heritage worth visiting, located on the Alberche river, the most notable thing about this town is its 15th-century Mudejar castle.

One of the points of interest that you should not miss are the Alberche Viewpoints, highlighting from its historical legacy the Castle-Palace of Escalona, a beautiful 15th-century Mudejar-style building.

Another place of interest that deserves a visit in Escalona is its Main Square as well as the Church of San Miguel Archangel or the Convent of the Franciscan Conceptionists, and last but not least its Urban Art murals route about the history and traditions of the town of Escalona.


Illescas pueblos bonitos toledo para visitar

This village located 35 kilometers from Toledo has a really interesting historical past. The most important point of the village is the Sanctuary-Hospital of Charity dating from the 16th and 17th centuries where you can admire 5 wonderful works by the famous painter El Greco from 1603. In addition, you should not miss the Assumption Church, considered a Cultural Importance monument. Lose yourself in this historic little village full of medieval influence and unique charm.


consuegra pueblos bonitos de toledo One of the beautiful towns near Toledo.

For a long time one of the most famous and touristic towns in all of Toledo. Visiting Consuegra is to know what a typical Manchego village is like, where it still seems today that we live in the time of Don Quixote.

The historical legacy is incomparable with neighboring towns, for many the greatest representative of traditional urbanism and Manchego architecture that guards one of the secret corners of Toledo that every traveler must know, the magical sunsets seen from the windmills.

It goes without saying that in Consuegra you can find the famous Manchego windmills (there are up to 12 windmills from the 16th century), but this is not the only highlight, it is also worth contemplating the Church of San Juan Bautista, the Church of Santa María la Mayor, City Hall or the Corredores Building, the Church of the Holy Christ of the True Cross, the Convent of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Carmelite Convent, from the end of the 16th century, the House of Tercia or the Roman dam from the 1st century.

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Esquivias towns of Toledo

If you go 20 kilometers away from Illescas, the village of Esquivias appears. At this point, you will find a place of tourist and historical importance: the museum of the house where Cervantes spent part of his life with his wife.

It is a 16th-century house that represents a typical construction of the time and preserves the essence of the village. In 1971 it was declared a monument and you can visit it for just a few €. Once there in Esquivias, you can also visit the Hermitage of Santa Bárbara, a small intimate building at the top of the Santa Bárbara hill from where you can admire beautiful panoramic views of the Sagra Alta region, where this village is located.

El Toboso

El Toboso what to see near Toledo

El Toboso is a village universally known for the love novel of Don Quixote, from the genius Cervantes, this has given El Toboso a great tourist fame even among global tourism.

El Toboso is a beautiful population belonging to the region of La Mancha. Among its monumental works worth visiting stand out the Monastery of the Immaculate and San José (from the year 1660), the Monastery of the Conception (from the 16th century), the Church of San Antonio Abad, the Church of the Third Order, the Prior houses of the Order of Santiago and that of San Juan de Malta and so on to dozens of religious buildings that you will discover if you visit this town.

About 100 kilometers from Toledo, we find El Toboso, and if you can I recommend visiting it since it has an impressive beauty and historical legacy.


Guadamur beautiful village Toledo

About 15 kilometers from our Parador, you can find the small village of Guadamur. The key point of the village is the Castle of Guadamur. It dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries and has a strong Italian influence from those ancient times.

Next to the castle, there is the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Nativity, a building from the 13th-14th century and has a painting originated in the Byzantine period. It had its last restoration in 1858. So much history in such a small but magical village!


Maqueda what to see in the province of Toledo

Near Escalona we can see another great castle in the Torrijos region, known as Castillo de la Vela in the municipality of Maqueda, a Roman watchtower that became a Muslim fortress and an important enclave within the Reconquista, and today forms part of the great historical heritage of this town.

Some of the points of interest that we can also visit in this town include the Historical Museum of the Civil Guard or the Gothic Parish Church of Santa María de los Alcázares, the Califal Gate, or the Tower of La Vela.


Oropesa is one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Toledo, located near the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra de Gredos.

The Castle of Oropesa is one of the main tourist attractions in the town. It consists of what are known as two castles in one, an older one of Arab origin from the 12th and 13th centuries and a more recent one built by the Counts of Oropesa during the 15th century, both very well preserved.

Other heritage monuments that we can visit in Oropesa include the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the beautiful Hermitage of Las Peñitas, the former Jesuit College, or the New Palace built in the 16th century.



The last village for a must-visit in the province of Toledo is Tembleque and its typical and impressive Plaza Mayor (declared a Cultural Heritage site), a great example of popular baroque from the seventeenth century, where its wooden supports and a Town Hall from the mid-17th century visually stand out.

Other interesting monuments that we can visit in the village of Tembleque include the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the Hermitage of La Veracruz, the Hermitage of San Antón, the Hermitage of Cristo del Valle, the Hermitage of Loreto, the popular Casa de las Torres, or the historic Casa de Postas. It is a village on the Route of the Windmills of Don Quixote of La Mancha that you should not miss, with typical Manchegan landscapes.

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Do you feel like visiting any of these villages in Toledo now? Are you planning to tour these towns in Toledo soon? Thank you for visiting our website.

The most beautiful villages in Toledo in 2024 – 2025.

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