The most beautiful towns in America

America is the land of dreams, a place where you can find wonderful places, today we are going to discover the most enchanting American towns touring the new continent from North to South.

We are on a continent of contrasts, where a North American town can be very different from one in South America, and you will verify this below. The most beautiful towns in America, these are considered the most charming towns in America:

North America

The immense territory of North America is bathed by 3 different oceans, a great diversity of climates and fascinating places to visit that make some of its great towns unique places. Today I invite you to know some of the less known tourist places of North America, the towns where you can meet the real America.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln Nebraska large town of USA
One of the most populated localities in Nebraska in the United States that still maintains its aura of a town.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina
It has about 100,000 inhabitants but within the large megalopolises that the US has, this locality in South Carolina can still be considered a town.

Central America

Find here the most beautiful towns in Central America, the best towns to visit in Central America.

Taxco de Alarcón

Taxco de Alarcon towns in america
One of the most charming towns we can find throughout the American continent, and of course one of the most charming towns in the world.

Taxco de Alarcón, commonly known as Taxco, is a charming colonial town located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Known as «The Silver City», Taxco has been famous for centuries for its rich history in silver mining and its beautiful colonial architecture, making it a popular tourist destination for both Mexicans and international visitors.

The picturesque town of Taxco is located in the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur, giving it a unique and romantic ambiance. Its cobblestone streets, white buildings with red tile roofs, and charming squares create a magical and nostalgic atmosphere that transports you to past times.

The heart of Taxco is the majestic Parish of Santa Prisca, an impressive Baroque church built in the 18th century. Its ornate façade and exquisitely decorated interior with golden wooden sculptures and altarpieces make it a must-visit for lovers of religious architecture.

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Comala mexico
Comala is a locality in the Mexican state of Colima, the typical Mexican town that everyone wants to visit.

South America

Latin America is an amazing place, rich with beautiful places, from colonial cities to charming small towns.

Old Havana

Old Havana
Who has not ever dreamt of walking along Havana’s centenary boardwalk? Immerse yourself in the Plaza de Armas, the historical heart of Havana, surrounded by majestic colonial buildings and where collectors of old books gather to exchange literary treasures. From there, continue towards the Old Square, a revitalized space that fuses old architecture with modern art galleries and bohemian cafes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the famous Malecon, a promenade that runs along the coast of Old Havana, and where the locals congregate to enjoy the sunset and sea breeze. Also, explore the iconic Castle of the Royal Force and the Castle of San Salvador de la Punta, which were built to protect the city from attacks by pirates and enemies.

Music and dance are present in every corner of Old Havana. Experience the unique thrill of enjoying an authentic Cuban rumba in the streets and squares, or immerse yourself in the world of son and salsa in the lively bars and clubs in the area.

Finally, let yourself be captivated by the warmth and hospitality of the Cuban people while savoring the delicious local cuisine in traditional paladares or in more modern restaurants offering contemporary interpretations of traditional Cuban dishes.

Miraflores (Lima, Peru)

American towns Miraflores
The district of Miraflores is one of the neighborhoods that form part of the province of Lima, located in the department of Lima, in Peru.

La Candelaria (Bogotá, Colombia)

candelaria towns of america

Colonial Zone (Santo Domingo)

Colonial Zone Santo Domingo towns of america
The small Colonial City is the oldest urban nucleus of the picturesque city of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The Colonial City was the first permanent European settlement on the continent of America.

The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, also known as Colonial City, is a historical and cultural jewel located in the heart of the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Founded in 1498 by Bartolomé Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, it is the first European city established in America and one of the oldest and most important places on the continent.

This historical area has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its architectural richness and its importance in the colonial history of America. As you walk its cobbled streets and admire its centuries-old buildings, you will feel transported in time to the era of conquest and Spanish colonization.

One of the most notable landmarks is the Primada Cathedral of America, built between 1512 and 1540, which is the oldest cathedral in the New World. With its impressive Gothic and Renaissance style, it is a stunning testament to the historical legacy of the region.

The Amber Museum and Colon Park are the main tourist attractions of this small village within the large city of Santo Domingo.

Towns on other continents worth visiting:

These are the most beautiful towns in America. Which American towns do you feel like visiting right now?

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